“…And the Sun Breaks Forth”

“And the Sun Breaks Forth”

“One passionate heart can brighten the world. From person to person the chain reaction burns through us — setting heart to heart ablaze, and lighting the way for us all!”
― Bryant McGill

I set out yesterday morning, on a bright clear day, gentle sunlight lighting up the changing leaves. That lasted for about an hour and dark, slate-gray clouds rolled in, effectively ending my planned day of photographing falls leaves.

So, a change of plans, including a trip to a local market and a micro-brewery I had meant to visit. All was not lost and it became a great day out with my wife, being tourists in our own area. Not to be completely disappointed, we drove some back roads looking for some particularly colourful tree to catch our attention. We had varying success with that, as the sky was just ‘dull’ and colours muted.

Then, as we rounded a bend in the road on our way home, this scene offered itself. A temporary break in the clouds lit up this grove of maple and birch trees, making them almost glow in contrast to the dark clouds and pine forest behind them. It was a virtual island of light.

Unfortunately, I could not get a clear shot from the road and climbed up an embankment, hoping for a better view, unobstructed by trees and fences. That was not to be and I just could not get a satisfactory angle to show what I was seeing. But trespassing was not an option for me.

As I came off the embankment, a truck slowed, stopped, and reversed back to where I was standing. Great, a confrontation? The driver asked me what I was doing on the embankment and I told him I was trying to make a photo of the trees in the sun. He told me he was the property owner, and much to my surprise he said, “If you want to get a bit closer, feel free to jump the fence, but mind the horses, they may come at you, so be careful.”

I thanked him for being so understanding, quickly climbed the fence and made three images before the sun was obscured once more. This one photo made the whole day worthwhile and restored my faith in people being understanding of photographers trying to conduct their art. I may have to go back with a print of this image and thank him for being so kind. Like the sun on the trees, that act of kindness brightened my day.

Nikon D800
Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G I AF-S VR Zoom
@ 90 mm
1/100 sec, f/5.0, ISO 200

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18 Comments on ““…And the Sun Breaks Forth”

  1. Enjoyed reading that you allowed the day to unfold; micro-brewing, ride with your wife, not willing to hop a fence…..and the universe opened up….nice, very!! A true artist!!! Amazing, amazing photo….

  2. Moments are all brief, or so I think….and yes, the wait always seems to produce such magical works of art…your works of art solidifies this!!

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