“Trout Lily” – Stouffville Reservoir

“Trout Lily” - Stouffville Reservoir

The next in my spring wildflower series. Yesterday I went for a lunchtime stroll to my local nature retreat, namely, the Stouffville Reservoir. This area was created as a water conservation site after Hurricane Hazel roared through the region many years ago, creating floods and taking many lives. So, conservation areas were set up to ‘moderate’ water flow through a series of holding ponds. These areas made wonderful nature preserves and allowed for the preservation of many natural environments.

It is in one of these areas that many of my favourite wildflowers grow. Yesterday morning I checked on this stand of Trout Lilies, also known as ‘Dog Tooth Violets’ locally. They were not quite ready to open. But, a warm day and some sunshine changed that and they were in full bloom at noon today. Above is the photo I made of three beautiful specimens. The name is derived from the colouration of the leaves, which resembles the colour of trout. Many stands of these delicate wildflowers do not bloom for years and then, suddenly, they are full of blossoms. I have yet to figure that one out.

Nikon D300
Nikor 70-300 mm @ 220 mm
1/1600 sec @ f/6.3, ISO 250

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