Ed Lehming Photography


“Despite colder temperatures, the days are beginning to lengthen and the sun fills the forest with warm sunshine. As I stand on the trails, enjoying the scenery, it warms my skin and my soul.” – Ed Lehming It’s mid-February, there have been many snow-filled days, somewhat limiting my time in the forests, though I make a point of venturing out as often as I can safely. The trails themselves are fine, but… Read More

“Art is to console those who are broken by life.”  ― Vincent van Gogh I generally don’t post these ‘enhanced’ images, but enjoyed creating this one so much, I had to share it, hopefully it fulfills it’s intent to console somebody who needs a bit of brightness in their day. The source image was made last week while  hiking my brother in law’s woodlot near Bancroft, Ontario. It was a cool November morning… Read More

“As the sun lives on when it sets in the warmth it has given to others, you too will live on in the hearts of those whose lives you have touched.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo I could think of no better title for this image of a mature milkweed pod, backlit by a late afternoon autumn sun. The image was not one I set out to make but was one of those ‘opportunities’… Read More

“Travelling the road will tell you more about the road than Google will tell you about the road.” ― Amit Kalantri My third installation from my autumn walk in the woods. Once more, the image was made in a very brief time frame when the sun shone brightly between the trees, lighting up the forest floor with an unbelievable ‘glow’. C.S Lewis referred to it as a “God-light” and I can’t think… Read More

“Sunflowers, Not Facing the Sun” (A Poem) I stand tall As gracious as one could be Blooming to my best As slender as it touches my being Everyone else is facing the sun Bending towards its unfathomable galore They and I are both undoubtedly Grown on the benevolence of life’s essence The brighter side mercilessly feeding desires unbound By daunting the “courage to know” with each spin Though, I am not able… Read More

Time for some brightness in this dull December. After numerous drab, but mild days, the sun finally shone though, albeit for only a few hours. As I looked out my office window at the beautiful warm glow, I decided my lunchtime would be spent on a trail. So, I packed my gear and headed off to the woods. It’s such a wonderful benefit having all these woodlands so close by that I can… Read More