Ed Lehming Photography


“Beware of being trapped in your own imaginings. You instill sparks in others, you charge them with your illusions, and when they burst forth into illuminations, you are taken in.” ― Hugh Parker Guiler Now this one got me thinking, should I reveal what it is, or leave it a mystery? It’s an image I made a few days ago and it really struck me as I previewed and then processed it…. Read More

Tuesdays of Texture is a really awesome weekly feature.  You can read about it over here; but the short version is I want to see a bit of your world so link up your post in the comments! A simple post today. One of my Studies in Wood photos from earlier in the year. This is Number Three. I believe I have posted six of them on my blog. More to follow.

I saw a post by Norm 2.0 this morning and thought I’d like to play along through this contribution to the ‘Tuesdays of Texture’ stream hosted by Narami at De Monte Y Mar. Textures are everywhere and I can hardly turn of the desire to document them. The image above appeared in a northern Ontario parking lot after an intense rainstorm. The ‘wash’ had ‘classified’, the sand into distinct layers, based on their… Read More