Ed Lehming Photography


“The greens of spring bring so much promise, but the leftover greens of autumn speak of resilience” – Ed Lehming This spring has offered some very interesting scenes. I’ve hiked March trails covered in ice one day and clear the next. Bright colours from beech groves have remained bright, and new growth seems to be ready for the full revival of spring. Then there are some complete surprises, like this patch of… Read More

“Scars are not signs of weakness, they are signs of survival and endurance.”  ― Rodney A. Winters As a continuation to yesterday’s post “Beginnings“, here’s a mature coneflower blossom. I struggled for a title for this and fell back to just the name of the plant. The intent was to come up with a name for the image that reflected the character of the plant. As those who follow my blog regularly would… Read More