Ed Lehming Photography


“Have you remembrances, the glimmering arches that span the summits of the mind?” – Khalil Gibran Inside the front doors of the new York Public Library, is Astor Hall, the grand foyer, with it’s high ceilings and barrel arches. When you walk in, you cannot help but look up and around this vast space of bright, intricately carved marble. I can put myself back to a time when this was being built… Read More

Another long exposure from my visit to Toronto’s Casa Loma. This one is from the Conservatory. A bright spacious room, with a stunning stained glass domed roof. The Conservatory once once held beautiful plants in all seasons. Today it is largely empty but beautiful, nonetheless. The Conservatory is surrounded by large, ornate windows, has Italian marble floors in pink and grey and the walls are lined with pink Ontario marble, quarried in the… Read More

Today, a change-up from the recent posts of flower heads. Last week I spent a few days in the Bancroft area, visiting my art friends and opening up our trailer for the season. It was a gorgeous, warm spring weekend. The air was fresh and clear with a very light breeze, all weekend long. Betty and I decided to head down to the waterfront on Marble Lake to see how my sister’s… Read More