Ed Lehming Photography


“Hanging heavy with morning dew, a peony blossom among the leaves beams joyfully from the supporting foliage.” – Ed LehmingI couldn’t have asked for a nicer composition, already framed by the bright green leaves of my spiraea bush, these peony blossoms were a joy to behold. It had just rained and the already large and heavy blossoms would have been on the ground had it not been for the spiraea’s support.Those who… Read More

A heavy sort of beauty, yet delicate to the eye. The peony welcomes the late spring sunshine, and bears the burden of its rains. Nourished, yet strained, she bows to the beginning of summer. – Ed Lehming The peonies keep coming, and despite the rains, they are holding up quite well. As I’ve said before, how they hold up their heavy flowers is a real marvel. As I clip blossoms to photograph… Read More