Ed Lehming Photography


Alliara petiolata What at first glance looks like a scraggly weed, growing in profusion along railway tracks, turns out to be a beautiful, interesting plant close up. I find myself guilty, of late, of not taking the time to look at some of the more mundane plants that grow in my area, north of Markham, Ontario. This is a prime example. I’ve seen vast patches of Garlic Mustard but never taken the… Read More

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L.M. Montgomery Sorry, a very short post today. It’s been a busy Thanksgiving weekend and I found myself with very little time to sit and write. Yet, I made a commitment to myself at the start of the year to do at least one post every day for the year. So, here it is…quickly assembled. Yet, I want to… Read More