“Among Friends”

“As I wander the forest, immersed in her peace and comfort, I realize that what makes this place filled with life so precious, is that I am also among friends.” – Ed Lehming

While I was reviewing images from my latest hike, I came across this image and spent some time considering it. It’s not something I typically do, looking up among the towering pines. This day, however, the wind was quite strong and I looked up at the swaying trunks, watching the clouds scuttering between the openings in the canopy, high above me. There was a life and an energy here which I wanted to draw more from.

The photo has been edited to produce this painterly effect that I am so fond of. I’ve shifted the colours a bit and softened the photo to get the effect I was after. I then spent more time enjoying the photo and trying to think of an appropriate title, something that usually comes quite readily. This time it did not. I wanted to avoid cliches, obvious allusions to height or skies. The more time I spent with the image the more peaceful I became.

It was during this time of peace when I realized that the reason I felt so calmed by the image is because if the gentle energy and recollection of the lively movement of the trees. I can almost see them moving anew, towering above me, but not in a menacing way. It felt more like I was accompanied by them, surrounded, but not in a claustrophobic way, then it dawned on me that this is how I feel in the company of friends, something I am really missing right now, so the trees become a great surrogate for the friends I have been physically separated from for so long now. I am indeed, among friends.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 24-70 mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 24 mm
1/125 sec, f/20, ISO 400

10 Comments on ““Among Friends”

  1. I love images like this! In our neighborhood we have tall pines that canopy over our walking trails and I love taking pictures of them. It’s as if they are watching over us, protecting us.

  2. I love this point of view for tree photos. They look like they’re having a pow-wow – getting their heads together to solve their problems.

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