“Ablaze Among the Pines”

“The windswept leaves shone and shivered in the breeze like a raging fire among the pines.” – Ed Lehming

This image was made early last week on a trail I had not visited for some time. I was on a quest for some bright beech to help bring February to a cheerful close and I recalled some nice groves in this location.

I was not disappointed.What I recalled as a few decent patches of beech have flourished during my absence and the bright orange multi-toned leaves blazed among the pines as if the tree itself was on fire.

The beech leaves also tend to retain the shape they held when the dry out in the fall. These would seem to have experienced some strong winds at that time and look like they are caught in a windstorm, further enhancing their flame-like appearance.

iPhone 12 Pro @ 6.0mm
1/800 sec, f/2, ISO 25

5 Comments on ““Ablaze Among the Pines”

  1. What a beautiful area, I’ve not ever seen leaves stay on trees once it’s snowed, a gorgeous combination of colors. Lovely photo, Ed.

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