“Stone and wood; along the lake shore, bear witness to the tireless motion of water.” – Ed Lehming

This past week, as I stood on the stone covered shores of Lake Ontario, at Prince Edward Point, I had to consider how long these stones had been smoothed by the ceaseless action of waves crashing on the shores. Among the stones, pieces of driftwood, recent additions to the shoreline dance, also participate in the endless erosion.

The waves continue to roll in and the stones chatter, as if speaking, as the water rolls over them, pulls them back to the lake and then pushes them back again. The ancient language of the lakeshore, etched in the stones.


3 Comments on ““Runic”

  1. First I saw the grid on the suface of the stones and started to wonder why they all have that! In Finland stones on the beach are usually smooth 🙂

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