Thursday Doors – “Safe in Barcelona”

Barcelona Door

Thursday Doors – March 5, 2020
“Safe in Barcelona”

It’s been a long time since I posted to this topic. That does not mean my camera has not been snapping away. I now have a vast library of doors to share over the coming weeks.

This door was in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter and shows the inside of a shop door. I wasn’t sure what to title it, but the Catalan protests that happened while I was there and escalated prompted several of my travelling friend to post that they were ‘safe’ on various social media platforms. Given the number of locks on this door, I’d say the contents of the store were “Safe in Barcelona.”

I also noticed many of these ancient doors had been repaired numerous times, simple by inserting a new piece of wood where the damaged or rotted piece was. Which makes for some pretty eclectic designs.



6 Comments on “Thursday Doors – “Safe in Barcelona”

  1. Our son did an internship in Barcelona, right next to Gaudi’s cathedral, and I wished so much that back then we had the opportunity to visit that beautiful city! A sturdy door with a .com included – he’s up to date:)

  2. I hope there’s never an emergency that requires them to open that one in a hurry 😀
    Welcome back Ed.

  3. What a lovely idea to photograph Barcelona’s doors. There’s certainly no shortage of attractive ones that’s for sure!

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