“Egan Strata 4”

“Egan Strata 4”

“A thought that stayed with me was that I had entered a private place in the earth. I had seen exposed nearly its oldest part. I had lost my sense of urgency, rekindled a sense of what people were, clambering to gain access to high waterfalls and a sense of our endless struggle as a species to understand time and to estimate the consequences of our acts.” 
― Barry López

My final image, this one even more “map-like” than the previous posts. Were it not for the reflection of trees in the pooled water and the stray leaf in the foreground, it could be mistaken for an aerial photo of a mountain range.

I really like the flow, colour, and form of the rocks in this image. It feels like I have pulled up from the closer views and details to a broader vantage point.

Of the four images, I can’t pick a favourite. Each has its own unique character and feel. I’m looking forward to printing them and showing them as a collection.

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