“Egan Strata 1”

“Egan Strata 1”

“It was during my enchanted days of travel that the idea came to me, which, through the years, has come into my thoughts again and again and always happily—the idea that geology is the music of the earth.” 
― Hans Cloos

A few weeks back, I visited Egan Chutes, a beautiful series of elongated waterfalls near Bancroft, Ontario. I simply love the raw power of the chutes, as the waters of the York River plummet through a narrow defile in the rocks. The rocks themselves are heavily metamorphosed volcanic rock, part of the Canadian Shield and among the oldest rocks in the world.

And so, my inner geologist emerges and become one with the artist and photographer. You see, my background is actually in Mining Engineering, though I never found work in that field, yet I remain fascinated by rocks and geological structures. To me, the rhythms and folds of the rock are nature’s canvas.

Over the next few days, I will share a series of images titles “Egan Strata”, a documentary on the wonderful folds and complex structures that form the base of Egan Chute, the highest and foremost of the three chutes that make up this natural wonder.

I was blessed by several days of rain prior to my arrival, and the water that fills the creases and cracks in the rock further enhancing the rugged beauty found here. Perhaps it’s just me and my admiration for natural forms, but I find them quite stunning and I hope you enjoy them as well.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/120 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20

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One Comment on ““Egan Strata 1”

  1. A fine place to feel the very pulse of the Earth.
    Nearly due south of you, I, too, am living on the oldest part of the Earth’s crust, and think of that often. Few things can help one to comprehend terms such as “four billion years”. I find standing on this mantle, laid bare to the universe, helps me to understand.

    Seek peace,


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