“There is peace even in the storm” 
― Vincent van Gogh

I’m one of those people who loves storms. There is something in the unbridled power of them that fascinates me. I love the many forms that the clouds take as the winds whip and shape them. There is also something glorious in the way the storm changes the light.

A few days ago, after coming home from a nice dinner with my wife, I saw this storm cloud forming behind my house. I ran inside, grabbed my camera, and made a few images as it quickly billowed higher into the sky, changing form every second, hoping to capture it at it’s peak, before it tore itself apart or diffused. I was also working with great light and did not want to miss the bright rays playing off the sky behind it and within the cloud itself.

My goal is always to capture an image representative of what I saw, as well as how I perceived it. Here, I was trying to capture the play of early evening light within the cloud as well as the ominous feeling of the deep tones within the cloud. I think I succeeded in both and am very pleased with the results of a quickly composed shot.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD @ 100mm
1/400 sec, f/10.0 ISO 400

For more images like this, please visit my website (images are available for purchase)

15 Comments on ““Looming”

  1. Great shot Ed! I’m with you in your fascination with storms. I love ’em too! Unless I’m pinned down above treeline in a thunderstorm. Then not so much…

  2. It is a beautiful shot! I am far from a professional photographer, but I enjoy trying to capture the images I see, often I am disappointed, but from time to time it works out perfectly. Stormy skies are a favourite of mine. I, too, love stormy weather with its ever changing vistas….

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