“Squabbling over too little is just human nature. But it says a great deal about a person, what they do with abundance.” 
― Tessa Dare

Today, some time spent out of the forest in in the farm fields around my home. It’s hard to believe, but it’s already late July and the wheat fields are seas of golden waves, swaying in the hot summer breezes.

As I stand among the soon to be harvested crops, I’m overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of food these fields will produce. As far as I can see, the bounty of grain fills my senses. There is the gentle movement, the rich golden colour, and the warm scent of wheat in the air. It surrounds me and makes me smile to see this much life and this much potential surrounding me. It also bring back memories of helping family members who have farms in collecting and storing what felt like an endless supply of straw bales after the harvest, always on the hottest days.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/320 sec; f/1.8; ISO 20

12 Comments on ““Abundance”

  1. I’m making sourdough bread today so this is a timely post. Your post connects the dough to the field very vividly – and I’m smiling too.

  2. The crops in Saskatchewan aren’t golden yet. Your photo is a beautiful reminder of what the fields will soon look like here.

  3. Nice shot and a good story about the wheat and straw.
    The old adage “Make hay while the sun shines.” makes sense and sounds quaint.
    The quaintness wears off when you’re throwing the hundredth bail on the wagon an a dry, July afternoon!


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