‘The Chill Persists”

A quick shot of the frost on my home office window. Our cold snap of sub -20 C persists. While I don’t mind the cold, my camera equipment is not pleased. So, I look out the window, longingly, waiting for the promised respite that is due next week.

10 Comments on “‘The Chill Persists”

  1. That’s a good point, Ed. It never occurred to me that this cold might not be good for my camera. I guess it’s a good thing I plan to stay inside!!

    Keep warm!

    • My biggest concern is condensation inside the camera and lenses as they come inside and warm up. This extreme cold also makes lens components tighten up and they just don’t sound happy.

  2. Lovely shot Ed. I love the background! And yes, as a person who takes his camera out in the cold almost daily, condensation issues are a concern. I just give it ample time to dry out on its own before putting it back in the bag.

  3. Lovely pic. Ice is so beautiful in its complexity. I do hope you get warmer, minus 29 is extreme. I think your respite might be that the cold weather is heading across the pond, we are forecast colder weather any day now, I can feel it in the air. It won’t be anywhere near your current temps though.

  4. Beautiful picture! Living in an almost arctic area, I know all about cameras and the cold… spending most of the winter wishing my California-designed iphone could teleport me to California! 😀

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