“Out of the Blue”

“Out of the Blue”

“Blue offers up a tranquility which belies its true appearance.” 
― Anthony T. Hincks

This second post today is outside of my “Golden Paths” series, but part of the same timeframe. Exiting from the bright, golden forest, I found myself sitting on the bank of a pond, simply drinking in the sun’s warmth and enjoying the afternoon light. Next to me was this milkweed seed pod, burst open and dispensing its cargo of seeds into the breeze.

I made a few shots from different angles, which is often my practice when photographing singular subjects, since different angles also offer different and sometimes unexpected and beautiful light. In this case. the image with the water of the pond as a backdrop offered the best composition, the blue being so dark and rich, brightened by the expanding weave of the bright white seed  filaments or “floss” as it is often named. The seed pod really shines, out of the blue, highlighted in brights golds reflected from the inner walls of the pod.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 (272ENII)@90mm
1/200 sec, f/7.1, ISO 100

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33 Comments on ““Out of the Blue”

  1. You’ve taken something from nature which was ordinary & beautiful, and turned it into something special and stunning.

    Well done! Excellent photography!

    Anthony T. Hincks

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