“Red Cap”

“Red Cap”

“It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit.”
– Antoine Rivarol

I came across this mystery mushroom a few days ago, while hiking during our recent partial eclipse. I’m unsure of the species, but the red cap and ivory stem would indicate it to be a member of the Amanita family of mushrooms. The shape of the cap is not typical of this species though, so I’m stumped.

The image quality is not my best, as it was hastily made while trying to avoid the hoards of mosquitoes which were particularly active that day and were particularly voracious, despite my insect repellent, which is usually very effective. Despite the obstacles, at least I have an image I can review and figure out what this is called.

iPhone 7 back camera @ 4.0mm
1/15 sec; f/1.8; ISO 40


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