“High Water”

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.”- Lao Tzu

The view of a park bench that sits mid-beach at Ontario’s Sauble Beach. Spring snow melt and an unusually wet spring and summer have raised lake levels to record highs.
As we arrived at Sauble for a long weekend with friends and family, high winds from the northwest further raised the water levels higher yet, and obliterated the beach. 

Despite the winds and raging waves, the park bench sat surrealy serene, made more surreal by the distant blue skies and clouds.

This photo will remain a nice reminder of the wet and windy day, at the beach that is not.

As I write, the morning dawns bright and clear, the lake calm once more and the promise of a bright mild day, water receding.

3 Comments on ““High Water”

  1. This looks like something out of a dream, especially with the reflection of the sky in the sand/shallow water. I definitely feel the serenity in this photo, but I’m also expecting to see the waves and clouds continue tumbling along at any moment. It’s quite an incredible juxtaposition!

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