VS Niagara – Tall Ships at Bath, Ontario

Just a quick post today, the start of a short series of tall ships that I experienced yesterday. 

As part of Canada’s 150 celebrations this year, a group of tall ships have been making a tour of Canada’s harbourfronts. Larger cities on Lake Ontario like Hamilton and Toronto have hosted this event. Neither venue worked out for our schedule and, quite frankly, I did not want to be caught up in large crowds. 

When my wife found they were stopping in Bath, a town with a population of about 2,000, I booked a day off and made plans to drive the two hours to be there, hoping that the weather would cooperate.

This small town, with its Loyalist roots, was perfect. I am the descendant of Loyalists myself and to stand among the historical buildings, imagining myself back in the early 1800’s, watching these magnificent vessels coming into the bay was quite emotional.

I’ll be sharing more over the next few days, a bit of a break from flowers and insects.

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8 Comments on “VS Niagara – Tall Ships at Bath, Ontario

  1. A multi-generational Canadian – what a rare privilege! Only a minority in the country can say that. I’m not one of them.

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