“Tender Pinks”

“Tender Pinks”

“Have you noticed how nobody ever looks up? Nobody looks at chimneys, or trees against the sky, or the tops of buildings. Everybody just looks down at the pavement or their shoes. The whole world could pass them by and most people wouldn’t notice.”
― Julie Andrews Edwards

While not quite the ‘punchy’ neon of yesterday’s dahlia, this more subdued blossom is still a stunner. The thing I enjoy most about these floral macros is the incredible detail.

Despite spending time looking at flowers, trying to observe the same, I find my eyes darting around and my brain ‘filtering’. It’s not till the image is locked in and isolated that I’m able to really see the details. I’m wondering if that’s unique to me, though I expect its how we’re all wired.

In this day and age of instant gratification and cell phones, I’m concerned that society in general is losing the skill of observation and true appreciation of the wonders in our world. Even images like this, garner a quick glance and a like. After all, with technology, we can always go back to it.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP AF 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 (272ENII)@90mm
6.0 sec, f/45.0 ISO 100

High Resolution image on 500px

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4 Comments on ““Tender Pinks”

  1. I share your same concerns.. it’s very sad what is happening.

  2. It’s true – while I thought the photo was pretty, I was really drawn to this post because of the opening quote. It was only after reading the rest of your post that I went back to give the flower more than just a “quick glance”. It is really incredible how much fine detail can be contained in such a small thing, and how easily this is all overlooked.

  3. Just caught up to reading your text. Attention spans get shorter by the day, don’t they?
    I read somewhere in a “market your website/blog” thing that you have 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention on your home page, before folks move on (click away, to use the modern vernacular).
    My home page at Armchair Zen opens to a static page that says “If you’re just looking for the next shiny thing to stimulate your senses, move on.”
    People don’t look up. People nowadays are all looking down at their cell phones.

    Seek peace,


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