1,000 Follows – Thank you!


I can still recall when I first started my blog. A friend had suggested a photo-blog years ago and I resisted and delayed. After all , who would be interested in my photos, the process, or anything else about my photos?

I finally set about finding a forum. WordPress seemed simple and was quite popular. I had to consider a theme that reflected my style and made it simple to post a photo and talk about it, and so it started, ever so slowly. I’d post a photo and a few words about it, get a few views, and that was it.

I started connecting with other bloggers, primarily those focused on photography as well, that and a handful of artists, poets, and writers. From that, I got my first few likes and two follows. I discovered, through interaction, what motivated people, what inspired people, what interested them and started thinking of my photos in those terms. Not just what was important for me, but what resonated with those who took the time out of their days to look at my photos and read my commentary. I still had days with a few views and no likes but continued to connect.

Within a few months I hit my first milestone of 200 follows. I could not believe how the blog had grown. This only served to connect with more people, encouraging them through what I had learned, especially those just starting out, changing themes and content every few weeks, in hopes of being relevant.

Then, last August, I got the message saying my blog has 500 follows. My content had matured and I tried to keep the same feel in my writings, continually developing my technique as a photographer, but also, I hope, growing as a writer, all the while, connecting with others in this inspiring community.

Today has left me dumbfounded. At 1,000 follows, I have to look back to the journey, and look forward to what may yet come to be.

Mostly, I am humbled and thankful. As I said before, the thought that 1,000 people have chosen to follow my art and my writing is beyond my imagination and for that I thank every one of you who has chosen to spend some small part of their time with me, enjoying the world through my eyes and words. I hope that what I create remains relevant to you and I encourage you to seek out other bloggers trying to make some small mark on this world, view their content and encourage them too. What an awesome community we have here.

Thank You


31 Comments on “1,000 Follows – Thank you!

  1. Congratulations. I love what you bring me to see each day, from colors and seasons to flowers, doors, travels and textures. Keep on blogging. Thanks. Cheers

  2. Congratulations! That feature is one of my favourite parts about using the app, it’s so encouraging!

  3. Congratulations, Ed. Excellent achievement! All the best, R.

  4. You deserve each and every one of them! You’re extremely talented and your words speak volumes about the kind of great man you obviously are. Congratulations to you!

  5. Well done. Whenever I have time to check notifications (not every day) there’s always your latest images in there for me to look at. I do catch up and continue to enjoy your pictures.

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