“The Day Breaks Brightly” – Durham Forest

“The Day Breaks Brightly” - Durham Forest.jpg

“The true optimist not only expects the best to happen, but goes to work to make the best happen. The true optimist not only looks upon the bright side, but trains every force that is in him to produce more and more brightness in his life….”
― Christian D. Larson

Despite it being late November there has been a bright, golden theme in my photos recently and I’m pleased with that. I do tend to look for that brightness, despite walking through dark groves and solitary paths, I always seem to find some brightness. In this case there’s the wonderful effect of nice light and the bounteous oak and beech leaves glowing all around me, which have as yet to be buried in snow. Though we have had some light snowfalls lately, that snow has melted off and temperatures remain relatively nice, for November.

This image was made a few days ago in Durham forest, not far from my home. It was mid morning and the light was filtering brightly through the sparse canopy, lighting up the remaining leaves in bright tones of gold and orange. This particular section of the trail is unique in its abundance of tightly packed hardwoods, a mix of oak, maple and beech. Though only a few years old the grove has a very unique feel and lends itself well to my vertical pan abstractions.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD
 @ 70 mm
1/4 sec, f/18.0, ISO 200

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