“Gilded in Sunlight”

“Gilded in Sunlight"

Now the wren has gone to roost and the sky is turnin’ gold
And like the sky my soul is also turnin’
Turnin’ from the past, at last, and all I’ve left behind”
― Ray Lamontagne

Image four in my “God-light” series.

It still amazes me at how quickly a day can change. As I’ve said in previous posts, I was out for a brief walk, not expecting much to present itself as far as photos. I often have an intent of what I want to photograph and how, yet every now and then, more often of late, nature has surprises in store for me. This was the case on that short hike a few days ago. Over the span of a few minutes and a few hundred meters the late morning sunlight bathed the forest in an extraordinary light. The effect is further enhanced by the abundance of freshly fallen maple and birch leaves, which give the light a warm golden glow, yet vestiges of green still show themselves in the background. It’s a glorious time of year.

In this image the path bends gently to the left past brightly glowing maples and the surprisingly intense sunshine lights up patches of tree trunks and laps at the ground in tongues of flame while the clear blue sky shows itself among the high branches.

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD
 @ 70 mm
1/5 sec, f/25.0, ISO 200

High resolution image can be viewed on 500px

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16 Comments on ““Gilded in Sunlight”

  1. What did you do to make it blurred? Is that a post production filter or some other mysterious little process? 🙂 Great photo. Loving this grouping.

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