“Teasle Detail”“Teasles”

“When someone comes around at that dreary moment, when all hope was lost, and thorns emerged. And that fellow, walks on that thorn just to cross to your side, to bear the pains for your sake, to bleed, to self-destroy himself, just to protect you. He places you above his priorities, and doesn’t give a damn whatsoever taunt he receives, his foremost desire is to make sure you are save, feel loved and cared for, and that’s the true definition of love.”
― Michael Bassey Johnson

Definitely a thorny plant, tough to handle, even to make a photograph, but incredibly beautiful when you look at the structured details.

For many years I had only seen the dried and prickly seed heads of this plant until a few summers ago, when, at the right time, I found a cluster in bloom, wrapped in a partial blanket of pale purple flowers. The flowers themselves don’t cover the entire head, but grow up it in a narrow band. A most curious sight.

As fall approaches and more plants begin to go to seed, I see myself making more photos of this, mixed with several of the wonderful fall blooms. Yet, I keep surprising myself at how much beauty there is in the mundane, even the brown prickly stuff 🙂

Nikon D800
Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD
 @ 92 mm
4 sec, f/25.0, ISO 200

High Resolution image on 500px:

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5 Comments on ““Teasels”

  1. Nature produces the most breathtakingly beautiful art. A gorgeous photo, Ed. So much lovelier than when I’m picking it out of my clothes after a hike – or worse, in my cat’s fur 😉

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