200 WordPress Followers – Wow! and Thank you!

followed-blog-200-2xI have to admit, my venture into blogging took me some time and encouragement from a few fellow bloggers, at times when I was ready to give up. So, a big thank you to everyone you has enjoyed my photos and thoughts and especially those who have encouraged me to persevere through “No Views” days.

I’m hoping that my photography and writing continue to improve through this experience and interaction with my fellow creatives.

My other hope is that I can be equally encouraging to those just starting out. There is so much incredible talent here, in writers, poets, artists, photographers, etc.

Creativity and beauty needs to be encouraged in this ever negative world.


12 Comments on “200 WordPress Followers – Wow! and Thank you!

  1. Its very deserved! Your photography is very inspiring to me and its a pleasure to follow you! Here’s to another 200 !!!🎉👏🏻

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