If we were having a coffee…

Burleigh Falls Spring Rush

“Sometimes the waters of our spirits are churned and murky, and it is difficult to tap the reservoirs of our innate wisdom and knowledge. But the waters will settle as we do. Quietly and gently encourage yourself to go inside. Clarity will come.” ― Sue Patton Thoele

If we were having coffee…I’d tell you this week had some major ups and some major downs. On the up side, one of my photos, which I cross-pollinate on Twitter and Facebook has had +16K views! That really messed up my WordPress stats, but was it emotionally refreshing and extremely validating. The post, and effective use of tags, allowed me to reach out to a larger audience who provided me with positive feedback about my work and writings. Now I settle into the normalcy of a gradually growing following of engaged and encouraging readers.

Yesterday, had the opportunity to travel north and visit, after a 4 month absence, the artist co-op I belong to, appropriately named A Place for the Arts, where I am able to show my work in a gallery-like environment, connect face to face with other creatives, and discuss photography and life, in an art filled and coffee scented creative space. While on the way there, I stopped at Burleigh Falls and made several photos of the raging spring melt waters, both in morning light and at sunset, when I returned home, which I will post on my blog over the next few weeks. The photos inspired me to do some digital painting work (above). So, artistically and creatively, I’ve been riding a high wave that carries me forward, slightly out of control, but it’s exhilarating.

Conversely, I’ve had to deal with some unpleasant and recurring life issues that I don’t really want to get into now, but which have been emotionally and spiritually draining. I’m happy to be able to connect here with other creatives, to see me through those times, through shared experiences, words and images.

While I would not consider my current situation as ‘murky’, knowing that the waters eventually settle bring me peace and hope. How’s your week been?

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200 mm f/2.8 @ 70 mm
1/10 sec, f/32.0, ISO 200

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6 Comments on “If we were having a coffee…

  1. Exciting photo, Ed. Love the painterly effects of the rushing water. Congrats on the traffic on your Pieta image.

  2. Lovely paint photo. The waves drew me in immediately! Enjoyed your lead sentence, too, about having coffee together. I’ll have to try that as a prompt sometime. :0) Great quote and personal reflection in response to it…and your ending. Hope you are having a good week!

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