Must I photograph? Too good not to share

walking away

I’ve spent the past few weeks reading and enjoying Guy’s Book of Essays, “More Than a Rock” and finding myself deeply connected to his way of approaching photography. I discovered him through several Facebook photography groups that I belong to. Though he’s a more articulate writer than I am, his words and thoughts resonate with me. His blog did not have a re-blog button, but I thought I’d share his latest commentary here.


3 Comments on “Must I photograph? Too good not to share

    • I’d still do both. I find looking back on my photos makes me think more about the image. Though I make the images for others to enjoy, I take great pleasure in them myself and aspire to articulate those feelings as well as Guy does. His writing inspired me to start being more deliberate with my own blog so I can work on improving my writing skills. I’m getting lots of inspiration and motivation by the many talented artists and writers I interact with through their blogs.

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