“Post and Stairs” Carmel, California

Post and Stairs - Carmel CA

Just a simple composition today.

If you ever get the chance to go to Carmel, take it. This is a beautiful coastal town full of Spanish charm, art shops, beaches, and eateries. I enjoyed the architecture, which is a real mix of some pretty eclectic styles.

When I look at a scene like this I often wonder “How old is this?”. “Is it a reproduction, meant to look old?”. This post and wrought iron railing seemed genuinely old. I wonder if it was part of the original building or if the owner bought it somewhere to achieve a certain ‘look’.

In any case. it was a very unique detail and I was happy to be able to keep the memory to reflect on later.

Nikon D300
Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 @ 70mm
1/60 sec @ f/2.8, ISO 220

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