“Summer Skies over Ancaster”

“Summer Skies over Ancaster”

This is a VERY recent photo I made this past weekend during a family event near Ancaster, Ontario.

As usual, I had my camera along to capture those family moments, but I found my kids had that pretty much covered off. Yes, my children like photography too. I had visited this location many times before and had photographed it many times, and so, was having a hard time figuring out what I might photograph that had not already been done. Photographer’s block?

After dinner, I walked out into the nearby corn field looking for opportunities. Last Sunday was a hot, somewhat humid day, typical of southern Ontario this time of year. The forecast called for a chance of showers, but as the day progressed,  the showers never materialized. But, some beautiful clouds formed. As I walked the field I was struck by the appearance of this particular cloud in the distance. It had the making of a potential rain storm. It was big, billowy, and white, with the appearance of cotton balls. What set this cloud apart was the contrast of dark portions in the foreground against and white clouds within the same structure, against a deep blue blue sky. All this floating over fields of corn and a few trees.

I made the photo and when I got to my iMac to process the image I found it required very little work. I boosted the contrast a touch to get the ‘look’ of the cloud as I remembered it. Then, I just desaturated the whole thing and sharpened it a touch. The result is the attached image. For me, it really portrays the scene as I saw it, with a bit of extra drama for the black and white treatment. Overall, I am very pleased with this photo and hope you enjoy it too.

Nikon D300
Nikor 70-300mm @ 70mm
1/400 sec @ f/10, ISO 250

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