Ed Lehming Photography


“What will remain is neither you nor me but what we shared among each other.”  ― Santosh Kalwar Every now and then, an unexpected image just ‘happens’. Yesterday, as I went for a lunchtime walk to the meadow north of my house I came across these three hoverflies positioned perfectly on a cinquefoil blossom. I could not have asked for a more cooperative group of insects, as they sat there, seemingly unbothered by… Read More

“Seeing all life in perfect symmetry. Perceiving each day with righteous clarity. Living each moment in purposed reality. Believing each day is the start of eternity.” ― S. Tarr A unique way of looking at this heavily travelled bridge between Canada and the USA at Niagara Falls. I’ve driven across this bridge many times and sat, lined up, for what felt like an eternity, at the border checkpoint both going to the US and returning home to… Read More