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“Seemingly simple but infinitely complex, nature offers new details the closer you look.” – Ed Lehming This week I decided to take a break from mainstream social media, especially Facebook. I’ve found myself overwhelmed by intense and polarized viewpoints. I think much has to do with the physiological effects of the COVID restrictions. It will be some time before the full effects are assessed and understood. I know it’s been challenging for… Read More

“There is wonder in simplicity. Sometimes a mundane scene can offer more than first meets the eye.” – Ed Lehming Today I chose an image from last weekend’s hike along the York River. The small stand of bright birches against the deep green forest interested me. As with many of my photos, my initial perception is a simple composition, nice lines, and contrasts. Then, when I start actually processing the image, to… Read More

“When you can take pleasure in the simple beauty life offers, then you are truly blessed.” – Ed Lehming Often, even the most mundane things draw my attention. Though I have stood on rugged vistas and surveyed sights that have left me in awe and speechless I’m still fascinated with the very simple beauty of my everyday surroundings. In this case, a single small red berry hangs from a vine in the… Read More

“Beauty is subjective, yet there are times when even the simplest thing can bright joy to our lives.” – Ed Lehming One of the many reasons that I spend time outdoors hiking and making photos is the sheer joy of seeing something breathtaking in what many would consider mundane circumstances. Many of the trails I’ve hiked, I have hiked hundreds of times and yet, almost every time, I see something new and… Read More

“It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a reason to be happy or sad, you will always find it.”  ― Kamand Kojouri In this hectic world, I am usually looking for things that bring me peace. I find this peace in simplicity and often in the most obscure things. Last weekend I went out with the intention of going on an extended hike and make some photos of my experience. It’s been… Read More

“There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, and truth.”  ― Leo Tolstoy As the world becomes more complex, on a seemingly daily basis, I find myself drawn to simplicity. Even the title of the image, while quite simple, suffices. This is a single blossom from a larger bouquet and a found myself liking the isolated flower more than the whole arrangement I enjoy spending time with the subjects of my… Read More

“Any belief worth embracing should be able to stand up to scrutiny. If not, it’s time to release it; let it go.”  ― Laurie Buchanan, PhD I struggled with a quote of this simple image of a Queen Anne’s Lace seed head emerging from its winter tomb. Then, the image reminded me of a rather painful time in my recent past. One I won’t get into in this forum, but one that caused… Read More

“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” ― Henry David Thoreau The beauty of simplicity. I’ve been having fun with these tulips this past week, watching them slowly opening and shooting them from various angles, enjoying the way the light plays inside them, noticing the fine details and structures in the petals. And, I intend to keep enjoying them, till the next batch arrives and eventually my garden provides its… Read More

8″ x 10″ Acrylic on canvas “Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” ― L.M. Montgomery As I look out my window, to a cold, rainy day, my thoughts go to all the good times spent the past summers in the Bancroft area, in Northeastern Ontario. A place of wilderness, lakes, rivers, trees, and beautiful light. It’s an area where I do much of my photography,… Read More

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” ― Clare Boothe Luce Today, the roses in the bouquet opened up a bit more, including this beauty, which was tightly closed yesterday, now partially open and looking marvelous and nearly flawless. I’ve spoken before about the wonderment that I experience when making these macro images and I ask myself why I have missed these wonderful details all these years. The fine structures of a simple rose… Read More

“Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy” ― Isaac Newton A very simple subject today, a single carnation blossom. I’ve actually avoided photographing it as I felt I could not bring out the texture of the ruffled blossom. But, in the right light and with a bit of patience, I was able to produce an image that I was pleased with. This is what I would classify as a… Read More

“Daisies, simple and sweet. Daisies are the way to win my heart.” ― Patrick Rothfuss As the quote above says, “Daisies, simple and sweet”. Daisies abound at this time of year. They seem as commonplace as dandelions, yet there is a beautiful simplicity to them that sets them apart from their meadow companions. Perhaps hearkening back to childhood, when I would pick bunches for my grandmother on my way home from school. They… Read More

Sometimes, with the right light, a simple scene along a roadside or a hiking trail can be a thing of tremendous beauty. It’s something I come across all the time. I tell my friends that this is how my eyes work, and I can’t turn it off, nor, would I want to. Take as an example, the photo above. It’s just two oak leaves which have fallen and come to rest on… Read More