Ed Lehming Photography


“From the deep places of the earth, pours forth a cool purity few can fathom” – Ed Lehming The mere sight of these falls brought freshness to my day. There is something in flowing water; a virtual baptism and washing away of the days heaviness happens, and the joy of simply living in such a marvelous world is reaffirmed. This is yet another image of a section of Hraunfossar, in Southwestern Iceland…. Read More

It is said, “There is no bad weather in Iceland, only bad clothing” – unknown “Rangárþing Eystra” – South Iceland The saying above rang true on day one of my trip to Iceland with my son. I agonized about taking the right cloths for this land of ever-changing conditions, trying not to pack too much, but being aware that too little could also pose a problem. We landed at 6:05am to surprisingly… Read More