Ed Lehming Photography


“Light, glorious light. It shapes my world and fills the dark places with joyous brightness” – Ed Lehming I’m returning to my California series with this image, made on a mountainside overlooking northern Napa Valley. Despite the dull and rainy conditions, occasional splashes of light occasionally brightened the day. The contrast between the shadow and brightness was glorious! In this peaceful scene, the wildflowers fill the foreground as the sun bathes the… Read More

“A return to memory, the chance to relive and reimagine an experience does not happen often in real life, but there is a joy in revisiting memories through photos that has a firm hold on me” – Ed Lehming Since I was a child, I have enjoyed looking back through family photo albums. I am fortunate that I have a family that has been able to document so many events through images…. Read More

“Words often fail to describe the feelings that our environment brings. How do I adequately share the joy of a spring forest? Art provides a medium to share my world.” – Ed Lehming There are many time where I see a scene before me that is absolutely raw and emotionally beautiful. I try to share these scenes these scenes through my photographs, but there are times where even this is inadequate. In… Read More